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What is a STaC?

Click here to quickly find a "local STaC" tournament

A STaC is a Sectional Tournament at Clubs.

This is how it works: A STaC Tournament is essentially a SECTIONAL Tournament except that the individual sections of the SECTIONAL take place at individual clubs, at or about the same time, instead of together at one large location.  Every game at every participating club you attend within District 11 during STaC Week may be part of the tournament.  The results of the game you play in will be combined with the results from all of the other clubs playing at the same time and one giant OVERALL will be tallied.   Let's say that Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati and Indianapolis are all playing at the same time.  Scoring is first done on a club-by-club basis and SILVER points awarded for each section.  Then the results of all four games are combined as if everyone were playing under one roof.   Highest percentage score is first overall, next highest is second overall, and so forth.  Because you are competing against so many additional people, you can earn a lot of points.   All of them, whether they are section awards or overall awards, will be SILVER points.

Yes, it will cost a little more to play in a STaC game.  ACBL sanction fees are higher and a director must be paid to coordinate the gathering and issuing of points.

This is one of your best chances to win a lot of SILVER points and receive a lot of recognition.  Winners will be posted on the Internet.  STaC week is a good week to make a lot of extra dates.

Click here for additional information and the ACBL Conditions of Contest and Guidelines for Sectional Tournaments at Clubs (StaCs)


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