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Lexington Bridge Club News

September, 2010

Kudos for new Masters: Congratulations!!

Junior Master:   Lisa Estes Cheatham

Sectional Master:   Lynn Frederick

Bronze Life Master:  Bill McClain

Silver Life Master: Donna Loeffler


Cook Books are still available. We have 50 left to sell.  They will be sold at the Atlanta Regional beginning August 31st.  Thanks to Claudia Haller and committee members, Liz Wise and Atha Dickenson, and all of you who bought cookbooks, this fund raiser brought in $2,400 to date. These funds paid for our new BridgeMate II Electronic Scoring System that makes our scorekeeping so much easier and more accurate.  I bought cookbooks for my sister and her kids.  I met her for lunch one day, and the waitress asked if those were cookbooks.  I explained that they were the recipes for the goodies that we at the Bridge Club of Lexington make for our Pot Luck games.  She wanted one so badly that I sold her my sister’s and had to buy more.  Cool!!



Bridge Lessons:  Sign up for a class and encourage all your friends to do the same.

-          Easy Bridge I is in session.  Classes are from 9 am to 11 am on Tuesdays and from 10:00 am to noon on Saturdays.

-          Easy Bridge Plus for 0 to 5 point players is at 12:30 pm on Saturdays.

-          Beginners Classes start September 9th for 8 weeks on Tuesday mornings at 9 am and Thursday Evenings at 6 pm followed by Play of the Hand for 8 weeks.  Donna Loeffler is teaching both the classes.


Special Cleaning Day at the Club:  We are going to have a special cleaning day at the Bridge Club of Lexington in October.  This will be for things that time doesn’t permit on a weekly basis.  If you would like to add to our cleaning task list, please send an e-mail or tell any Board Member.  Also, we would welcome your help when Cleaning Day arrives.


Election of Officers at the Club: will be Monday September 27th with the Membership Meeting at 11:00 AM.  Office of President is the only open office.

Please see a member of the Nominating Committee if you wish to run for that office:  Nominating Committee Members are Donna Loeffler, Brad Walden, and Atha Dickenson. 


Member/Guest Game:   is being planned for October.  It looks like it may be the 12th.  Keep that in mind and start thinking about who you will invite to play with you.


Highlights of the August Calendar

·         NABC Promotional Week – August 31 – September 6th

·         Pine Mountain SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT – September 10 – 12th.  The Club will be closed.

·         Mentor/Youth Short Games – continue to be held on Sundays at 2:00 pm.  Minimum 12 boards.

·         ACBL –Wide Instant Matchpoint Game with analyses – Thursday Evening, September 16th.  Cost is $2 more and a small amount of gold points will be awarded to the section tops. The remainder of points are red and black.  We need 5 full tables minimum!

·         International fund month – (September) Consult your attached calendar for the numerous IF Games available this month.

·         Mentor/Mentee (<300 Points) Game – September 29th Mentors play FREE!