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Lexington Bridge Club News

July, 2010


Kudos for new Masters: Congratulations to the following players on their great achievements!!


Sectional Master:  Louise Parker

NABC Masters:  Sherry McCann, Lynn Thompson

Life Master:  Bill Adams


Discount Cards are now on sale for $75.00.  See the Director at any game to purchase yours.


The Club Phone List is being updated.  Please check your phone number on the current list, and if a change is required add it to the note page on the bulletin board at the club or click the following link to send it in an e-mail.  (If a click doesn’t bring up your e-mail, hold the control key down while you click the link.)


Summer Bridge Camp is well under way with 21 young bridge players ranging from 5 years old to 18. For us that means we are doing our part to secure the future of the Game of Bridge. 


ST@C Week is July 5th -11th.   Except for Bridge Plus and the 99ers games, all games that week will be ST@C games.  The cost will be $3 more and the rewards are all sectionally rated silver points…equal to any Sectional Tournament.   This is your chance to win BIG points at the District level, so come on down!


NAP qualifying games continue.  Flight C NAP Qualifiers will be held on July 13th and July 27th for non life masters with less than 500 points.



-          A potluck honoring new Life Master, Bill Adams will be held on Friday, July 2nd at 10:30 am with the game at 11:00.  It is also a Charity Game costing $1 more.  The charity is the local section of the American Heart Association.

-          There will be a potluck in memory of Kathleen Ramsey on Monday July 12th at 11:00 am with an 11:30 game.  This will also be a Charity Game, and the additional $1 will go to Nan’s House for Homeless Mothers and Children.

-          The cookbooks will be arriving in mid-July!  There will be a potluck at 11:00 am before the 11:30 game on July 22nd.  Bring a dish from your new cookbook. 

-          July 18th 8 is Enough  potluck at 5:30 game at 6:00. Please sign up for this game.


The New Bridge Mate II table scoring devices will be implemented soon with the profits from the new cookbook.  They are on order and will arrive soon.


Planning ahead for 8 is Enough for the next three months, we will have 5 rounds of 6 boards on July 18th, August 22nd and September 19th.  Gather your teams together, and plan to arrive at 5:30 pm. 


Don’t forget Bridge Plus Games which are held at 12:30 pm on Saturdays with Donna Loeffler directing.  These are games for players with less than 5 masterpoints.  If you know an under 5 point player, please mention it.


There will be an ACBL-Wide International Fund Game with analyses on Friday evening July 23rd at 7:00 pm.  Cost will be $1 more.  Please put your name on the sign-up sheet if you intend to play in that game.


Did you ever feel like you wanted to own an event at a tournament?  Well, Click here (if you’re reading this online) to see the form for Event Sponsorship at the Louisville 2011 NABC Tournament.  If you wish to honor a current or former bridge partner, teacher, mentor, etc. print it out, fill it in and send it off. (Again, if a click doesn’t bring up your e-mail, hold the control key down while you click the link.)



Did you notice the 24 new chairs you purchased for the classroom?  We have received all but one which is on back order.  We also have a new roof on the building provided by the landlord!  It looks like we’re going to remain dry and comfortable as we play our favorite game. 


In order to generate interest in our club, we are running an ad in the Lexington Newcomers Club annual publication and in their monthly magazine for the next three months.  So let’s continue to greet newcomers with a big smile and friendly words.