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Lexington Bridge Club News

February, 2010

February - Junior Fund Month - This  month you will see a number of Junior Fund games scheduled.  Junior Fund Games award 100% sectionally rated black points.  The cost per game is only $1 more and the money goes toward promoting programs for youth bridge.


Super 8 is Enough - Swiss Team game on Sunday, February 21st with play beginning at 2:00PM.  There will be a pot luck dinner as close to 5 PM as play allows.  The Cost for the 2 session event is $12 per person with $2.00 each going to the ACBL for the Juniors.


Kudos! Kudos! Kudos! - Congratulations to the New Achievers announced in December. 

Club Master –James Addleton

NABC Masters –Bill Adams, Martha Foster and Ken Katen

Bronze Life Master –Sue Distler


Congratulations to the Winners This years Mini-McKenney winners are Leon Pauley, Ralph Scearce, Charles Seelbach, Darryl Bennett, William McClain, Diane Dennis, Claudia Haller, Judy Huffman, Zachary Briscoll, and Sandra Marlin.  The Ace of Clubs winners are Leon Pauley, Judy Hess, Charles Seelbach, Patricia Peck, William McClain, William Adams, Claudia Haller, Peggy Pace, Raymond Linck, and Sandra Marlin.


Classes – Be sure to check out the classes by Donna Loeffler, Georgia Ringo and Dan Neill on the calendar.


Saying Goodbye - Diane Dennis is moving to California.  We're all going to miss her, especially some of us 99ers who have learned so much from her.  There will be finger foods and desserts in her honor during the Thursday game on January 28th at 11:30 a.m.  That's tomorrow!


INTERNATIONAL FUND GAME -  has been scheduled for Saturday, February 6th at 12:30.  We need assurance of a minimum of 5 tables for our participants to be included in the overalls.  Please sign up at the club or e-mail


999'ers SWISS TEAM GAME - on Monday, February 8th at 6:30 PM.  Get your teams together NOW!!!


Grand National Team Qualification - will take place in Cincinnati on Saturday, January 30th.  Those who qualify on the 30th will continue on Sunday January 31st.  Winners will receive some financial assistance to participate in the Nationals.


Changes in Wednesday Night Game effecive February 3rd:  

·         Game time moved to 6:30 (30 minutes earlier)

·         A Mentor/Mentee (<300 pts) Game will be held the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30.  Mentors will play FREE!!! Please sign up at the club or call Georgia Ringo.

·         On the 3rd Wednesday of February we will have a Potluck Partners Game, so bring a potluck dish and come out and play.  Partners will be drawn out of a hat.


Plan Now - We Plan to start a Member-Guest night once a quarter where Members play with non-members who haven't been to our club to play in several months or perhaps have never been here at all,  possibly your party bridge friends. This will begin on Wednesday Evening, April 21st.   Guests will play free the first three times they play at our club.